Using Orinda's Tax Dollars in Orinda

UPDATE: The petition described below has obtained the signatures of 129 Orinda residents and will be presented to the Orinda City Council at their September 20, 2016 meeting.

When the Orinda City Council asked the citizens to vote for Orinda’s fire department merging with Moraga’s to form MOFD in 1997 they promised the residents that the merger would accomplish two main objectives:

1) Put paramedics on every Orinda fire engine
2) Insure that fire protection (emergency services) dollars paid by Orinda (property) tax payers would stay (be used in) Orinda.

Promise number one has been accomplished. Most MOFD firefighters are paramedics and all three of Orinda’s stations have at least one fire engine but also an ambulance as 90% of all emergencies are medical.

However, promise number two was never followed through. There has never been an organized accounting of MOFD’s tax revenues and where those revenues are spent by either MOFD or the City of Orinda. It is way past time for such an accounting to be created and for any inequities to be addressed.

All indications show that Orinda taxpayers are currently subsidizing service in Moraga with 2.5 million tax dollars annually and that number is increasing each year. These are tax dollars that should be used for safety services in Orinda. MOFD has the ability to accomplish this funding shift without impacting service in Moraga. The Orinda City Council, which made the promise to the voters, needs to demand this of MOFD and Orinda residents need to demand this of their elected representatives both on the MOFD Board and the Orinda City Council.

To make the residents demands known, a petition has been created:

Please sign it and let your friends know about it.

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