Table II-1      MOFD Election Results

Map III-1       Station Location

Table III-1     Equipment Operation Summary

Table III-2     Incidents and Responders by Incident Type

Table III-3     Incident First Responders

Table III-4     Response TImes

Table III-5     Incidents by Type

Table IV-1    Annual Expenses and Revenues

Table IV-2    Property Tax Revenue Detail

Table IV-3    Employee Cost Detail

Table IV-4a   Long Range Forecast

Table IV-4b   Long Range Forecast - Restructured

Table V-1      Property Tax Revenue Allocation History

Graph VI-1     Vested Employee Benefit Liabilities and Offsetting Assets

Table VI-1      Pension Bond Investment Performance

Table VI-2a     Employee Benefit Liabilites with Assets Earning 7.75%

Table VI-2b     Employee Benefit Liabilites with Assets Earning 6.00%

Table VI-3       Restated Balance Sheet for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2011

Table VI-4a      Funding Needed to Pay off Employee Benefit Liabilites Assuming Assets Earning 7.75%

Table VI-4b     Funding Needed to Pay off Employee Benefit Liabilites Assuming Assets Earning 6.00%

Table VI-4c     Funding Needed to Pay off Employee Benefit Liabilites - updated 2011 pension results