When Orinda formed MOFD, the driving incentives for  withdrawing from the service provided by the county's fire department (ConFire) were:

1) To get improved emergency medical response including paramedics on fire trucks and local ambulance service.
2) To have all of the property taxes allocated for emergency services used for services in Orinda.

The first reason has been fulfilled.  The second has not. 

Orinda's 11-firefighter force merged with Moraga's 8-firefighter force therefore the costs of the combined force should be shared in this ratio of personnel providing service to each community, 11:8 (57.9% to Orinda), unless substantial reasons exist to allocate differently.

The Task Force examined the various rationales put forward to share costs in a different ratio (area served, mutual aid, assessed property value, capital expenditure needs) and found that none provided significant reason to deviate from the basic 11:8 cost sharing ratio.

Seeing as Orinda taxpayers are annually paying one million dollars in excess of this cost sharing ratio, the district needs to devise a plan to return the cost ratio to the equitable funding arrangement Orinda taxpayers were assured of when they created the District.


Full Text of Section V - Tax Funding Allocation