* Presentation of Task Force report and response

The Task Force report was presented to the Orinda Council at its September 18, 2012 meeting.  MOFD Chief Bradley made comments to the Council at that time but the report was never agendized and discussed by the Council.  On January 9, 2013 Chief Bradley presented a written report to the MOFD board on the Task Force report and this was discussed at that night's Board meeting.  Members of the Task Force were not invited to discuss the report or respond to MOFD comments; so they did not.

In the intervening time the Task Force has listened to Chief Bradley's recorded comments to the Orinda Council, read his report to the MOFD Board, and listened to the recording of the proceedings of the January 9th MOFD Board meeting.  Attached is its detailed responses to MOFD's comments.

The bottom line is that MOFD took none of the Task Force's concern's seriously.

A) They do not seem worried that the response time to 40% of the emergency incidents in Orinda exceeds the District's own response time standards and apparently have no plans to address this situation which has existed since the District was formed.

B) While at least some of the MOFD directors are taking their unfunded employee benefit liability situation seriously, as evidenced by attempting to save $1 million per year in operating costs in partnering with ConFire, it appears that they do not fully understand the magnitude of the problem.  They believe that their current long range financial forecast has sufficient funds over the next 15 years which will fully fund these currently unfunded liabilities.  As the attached details, the Task Force believes that they are seriously underestimating the amount required.  Instead of the $58 million they have projected the Task Force estimates almost twice as much will be required.  And that assumes their assets can earn at the current CCCERA assumption of 7.25% when their average earnings over the past 11 years has been under 6%.

C) Orinda taxpayers continue to subsidize Moraga's emergency services costs by about one million dollars per year which we were told would never happen again.  MOFD continues to insist that this is payment for services that Moraga-based emergency units provide to Orinda residents.  However, response records show that 95% of all responders MOFD sends out of Moraga are reciprocated by responders coming into Moraga.  The net service that Moraga-based responders provide to Orinda is 74 per year, equivalent to 37 ambulance operations.  This is about 1% of Moraga's total operations but Orinda taxpayer are, and have been for years, paying 14% of Moraga's emergency services costs; one million dollars per year.  Orinda residents cannot just "stand up for themselves".  They need help from their elected representatives as they had in 1997 when that Council put a split from ConFire on the ballot for this same reason.  (and I am not suggesting that a split is necessary)

These are major concerns.  They are concerns that the Council should have on behalf of the residents they represent.  The Task Force hopes that the Orinda City Council and MOFD itself takes these concerns seriously and do not merely hope that someone else will address them.  These are conditions that have existed for years.