In the September 23, 1995 issue of the Lamorinda Weekly there were three articles regarding the finances, and therefore the services, of Lamorinda’s fire departments (MOFD and ConFire). The topics discussed, information imparted and statements made (and not made), impact every resident of Lamorinda.

1) The resurrection of the 2009 “Nowicki Affair”: What did Pete Nowicki’s $241,000 annual pension really cost the community and what was the MOFD Boards true role? The Board granted Nowicki $110,000 in additional compensation in his last year of employment through a series of retroactive contract changes which resulted in excessive pension benefits which would cost MOFD and the community it serves $4,000,000 over the next 30 years.  Two thirds of that amount has recently been reversed by the County retirement board but does that excuse those responsible?  The Task Force thinks not.  Sign the Petition asking the last remaining member of the 2008 to step down and let the MOFD put this ugly episode behind them.

2) Cost containment by our emergency services providers: MOFD and ConFire are walking away from an opportunity to eventually save over $200 million by working together on a joint station by blaming each other for being too hard to deal with.

3) Appropriate employee compensation: The MOFD firefighters don’t believe that they are paid enough and that capital expenditures should be redirected into employee salaries. In fact, since MOFD was founded in 1997, MOFD’s revenues have increased over twice as much as inflation and employee compensation has consumed over 100% of revenues received.

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