The Orinda Citizens Emergency Services Task Force is an independent group of Orinda Citizens formed in 2011 following three years of attempts to get the City to audit how adequately their emergency services provider, the Moraga-Orinda Fire District (MOFD) was serving its residents.
MOFD is an independent agency formed in 1997 by the residents of Orinda and Moraga to be a locally controlled, highly professional, financially viable emergency service provider.  From Orinda's perspective, the driving incentives for  withdrawing from the service provided by the county's fire department (ConFire), were (1) desire for a higher level of emergency medical service including locally sited paramedic ambulance plus paramedic staffed fire engines and (2) keeping Orinda tax dollars for service in Orinda, not elsewhere in the county. Have those objectives been achieved?
To the best of our knowledge, no audit of MOFD has been made by the City of Orinda in the 18 years since the District was formed to fully assess its performance.
The Task Force's initial study was created in 2012 to provide residents with a perspective of how MOFD is serving Orinda after 15 years.  It was presented to the Orinda City Council on September 18, 2012.  It is accompanied by this website,
 The report is divided into six sections:

Section I - Overview

Section II - MOFD Organization - The formation and governance of MOFD

Section III - Incidents Served by MOFD - What services does MOFD provide to the residents of Orinda?  What are the nature of the incidents, the staff available to service these incidents, and the results (limited to a response time analysis)?

Section IV - Operational Costs - What does MOFD cost, where does the money come from, and what are the projections for the future?  

Section V - Tax Funding Allocation - Are Orinda taxpayers paying their fair share of property taxes to support MOFD?  This was one of the prime drivers for Orinda taxpayers to form MOFD.

Section VI - Financial Stability - Every government agency that provides its employees with a fixed benefit retirement plan appears to be in distress.  What is MOFD's financial situation?

The Orinda Citizens Emergency Services Task Force

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