List of Exhibits (click on exhibit number)

Exhibit 0-0       Full text of Task Force report

     Exhibit 0-I       Section I - Overview
     Exhibit 0-II      Section II - MOFD organization
     Exhibit 0-III     Section III - Incidents served
     Exhibit 0-IV     Section IV - Costs
     Exhibit 0-V      Section V - Tax funding allocation
     Exhibit 0-VI     Section VI - Financial stability

Exhibit I-1       MOFD formation voters pamphlet - June 1997

Exhibit I-2       Orinda Revenue Enhancement Task Force (RETF) final report - December 2008

Exhibit I-3       LAFCO Municipal Service Review determinations & recommendations for MOFD - October 2009

Exhibit I-4       LAFCO Municipal Service Review - section on MOFD - August 2009

Exhibit I-4b     LAFCO Municipal Service Review - full report - August 2009

Exhibit III-1    MOFD Standards of Coverage report - 2006

Exhibit III-2    Monthly MOFD response time report (June 2012)

Exhibit III-3    List and map of inadequate hydrants in Orinda - July 1995

Exhibit III-4    2009 incident response data provided by MOFD

Exhibit III-5    2009 incident response data - spreadsheet created by Task Force

Exhibit IV-1a    MOFD budget - fiscal year 2011/12

Exhibit IV-1b    MOFD budget - fiscal year 2012/13

Exhibit IV-2    MOFD long range forecast - September 2011

Exhibit V-1     Ambulance cost detail - MOFD exhibit to Tri Agency meeting - March 2009

Exhibit VI-1    MOFD audited balance sheet - FYE 6/30/2011

Exhibit VI-2    Retiree Medical Benefit Liability report (GASB 45 / OPEB) - Bartel Assoc - August 2010

Exhibit VI-3    Pension Benefits Liabilities and Assets report to CCCERA - Segal Co - October 2011

Exhibit VI-4    CCCERA Actuarial Valuation 12/31/2011

Exhibit VI-5    MOFD audited financials - FYE 6/30/2011 (as adopted by Board 12/8/2011)

Exhibit VI-6    New York Times Article (9/4/2012) on Pension Obligation Bonds