MOFD Board Candidates Funded by $31,000 of Union Money

Employee owned businesses are great. A public employee controlled public agency, especially one in which 85% of the expenses are employee compensation expenses, is beyond dangerous. It should be illegal but apparently it is not. The employees of MOFD are attempting to make it a reality.  The only way to stop them is to vote for independent, community sponsored, candidates (BELL, SMITH and TALBOT).

There are three union-funded employees running for three Board positions which could control the five-person MOFD Board. They are running for four year terms. The employees’ union contract comes up for review in three years. They could give away the farm.

 The facts are:

  • The three candidates (Baitx, Danziger and Donner) have been given $31,000 in union money to win their campaigns.
  • This is 90% of their total funding. Their support from members of the community only adds up to $3,2400.
  • Their three independent opponents (BELL, SMITH and TALBOT) have been donated about $7,600 from members of the community and the candidates have pledged another $6,000 of their own funds.
  • The donations to the union candidates were made on the same day(s) to each and in virtually the same amounts indicating a coordinated campaign.  The three union candidates will act as a triumvirate and not independently.
  • The candidates are being funded by both the State union and the Local union; obviously working in concert with each other.

The only way to avoid a takeover is to vote for the independents who are representing the community, not 60 public employees who already earn almost $400,000 a year in salary and benefits.