In September of 2012, the grass roots Orinda Emergency Services Task Force presented the Orinda City Council with its report on the state of its emergency services provider, MOFD, and the services provided.  There were specific issues addressed and detailed from finances to operations which concerned the community and the City Council which represents the community.

In the 15 months since that report was submitted, much has happened at MOFD:

  • The majority of the Board was replaced with new members
  • There is a new Chief and a new Administrative Services Director
  • It was announced that their general fund reserve has been fully depleted
  • Their current budget started more than $1 million in the red and is still $400,000 unbalanced
  • Their pension’s unfunded liability almost doubled from $24 million to $45 million
  • They cut their operating staff by two, both from Orinda; an 18 percent reduction in Orinda responders

The Task Force has produced 2013 Update to its Original Report discussing the impact of these changes on the residents of Orinda and all recipients of MOFD service.


Click here to read the update